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Does whey protein cause acne?

I should just direct you straight to my dairy and acne post because the main problem (... yeah, this is going to be a 'problem' post) with whey is that it's basically dairy with extra growth hormones. When I was researching whey and it's possible ties to acne, I kind of flinched my way through the search results just like I did when researching coffee. Whey is an easy way for me to get protein while I'm exercising and it's also available in a right-after-I-exercise form, so reading that it's actually bad for my skin is quite upsetting. Read More

Does Coffee Cause Acne? When Your Best Friend Is Your Enemy

I was so scared about researching this topic mostly because I absolutely adore coffee and I don't want to stop drinking it. I always tend to read about coffee consumption in a selective manner and over the years, I've accumulated an archive of facts that validate my excessive coffee habit. However, I will be fair to you all and provide you with information that is true to what my site discusses. Can coffee cause or worsen acne? Read More

Does Drinking Water Help Acne? The 8-Glass Rule

People will always tell you that you should drink eight full glasses of water a day. It's like the holy-grail of ... something. I know enough about biology to understand that water is important for my health, but does drinking water help acne? Read on. .. okay, I may be a little biased because I'm a coffee-drinker. I don't have one cup in the morning and a few more to perk myself up while studying. Read More

The Caveman: Going Bare to Go Bare

I am a big fan of minimalistic beauty. I've always thought that women look the most beautiful when sporting a fresh, clean face. However, this option is not available to me. I've suffered with acne for more than 10 years and even though I went through high school without wearing a drop of makeup, I always felt self-conscious about my skin and the day I wore concealer for the first time, I became addicted to feeling normal. It is quite ironic that people with acne-prone skin wear makeup mostly to achieve a natural look. However, in our case, 'natural' would mean clear. Having acne prevents me from going out bare-faced without feeling anxious. This is one of the things I most resent of having acne. Read More

Acne And Diet, Does Diet Matter?

I always hate any theory suggesting that I may be responsible for the fact that I have acne. I just think that my pimply skin is already an unfair enough matter and then to think that all of it is because I have a biochemical makeup that is moreĀ  high-maintenance than non-acne sufferers just makes me want to burst from frustration. That being said, I have read about the two extremes of opinion regarding diet and acne. While some say that you must eat organic foods, stay away from salt, sugar, and fat, and drink nothing but water, others say that diet is irrelevant because acne is bacterial. Read More

The Acne Diet: Paleo

Acne appears to be a western, post-industrialized disease and some argue that our western, post-industrialized diet is the main cause of our acne epidemic. If you think about it, everything from our sleeping patterns, to our exercise routines, to our diets are influenced by the way our society has been shaped. Through an evolutionary perspective, we were never meant to live this way. We are living exactly the opposite of how nature intended and this necessarily provokes some side-effects. Read More

Dairy And Acne? Are They Really Linked?

If you've been here before and by that I mean my site, you may have read Of Biology and Beauty: What is Acne?. If you did, then you'll be familiar with my anti-marketing attitude. False marketing, that is. Just like many products that are cosmetic are marketed as 'acne treatments', dairy products has been marketed for decades as an essential nutritional requirement. The reality is that we discovered long ago that dairy products, although rich in vitamin D which is necessary for bone health, are also rich in growth hormones which cause acne. Read More

An Internal Cure: Vitamins For Acne Fighting

Anywhere I read about acne, I always come across the suggestion that I partake in a healthy diet. Of course I try to eat healthily, but most of the time I'm broke, running around doing stuff, and hyped-up on coffee. This is a bad combination of circumstances, especially if you're a college student. There have been periods during which I'm loyal to my daily vitamin-intake, but these never last more than a month (if that), so I don't know how much credibility I have in suggesting you take vitamins for acne when I can't even keep up with them for my health. Read More

Annoying Little Things: How to Get Rid of Blackheads

Blackheads are especially frustrating. I personally hate the little bastards because they prevent me from achieving 'smooth' skin. I'm not looking for the pore-less look mainly because I know it's impossible. We have pores, that's a fact. I just want them to be clear. The most irritating thing about blackheads is that even if I know that the stuff inside them isn't dirt, most people don't and I feel that I give an impression of uncleanliness. Of course this is all in my head and who cares about what people think, but I still feel self-conscious and it's not a feeling I like. Read More