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Back Acne, or Grossly Said- Bacne.

If facial acne isn't bad enough, imagine having acne on your body as well? I've personally never suffered from acne anywhere other than on my face and I am so lucky for that, because it would have just crushed me. Although I know of few situations in which people suffer from body acne without getting pimples on their face, it is actually quite common for someone with facial acne to have body acne as well. Read More

What to Expect While Expecting: Pregnancy Acne

Acne begins to appear during puberty because your hormones get out of whack. The same happens when you're pregnant. Unfortunately for some women, acne will make a strong comeback during pregnancy even if it's been non-existant prior. Not only can fluctuating hormone levels during pregnancy cause acne, but they can also cause a number of other skin issues including melasma or hyperpigmentation. Pregnant women have a whole different battle to fight when it comes to acne though because unlike the options non-pregnant people have, they must pay extra attention to side-effects of acne creams and acne medication. Read More

A Serious Situation: Severe Acne

This site focuses a lot on natural acne treatments that are gentle and minimalistic. I feel that some of you suffering with severe acne (I'll explain) are looking through my posts thinking that nothing will actually work for you and that these natural treatments are unrealistic for you. As I've said before, this probably stems from the idea that the more aggressive your acne, the more aggressive your treatment should be. While it is true that mild acne can be cleared up in no time with holistic methods, severe acne may need a little something else. Read More

There’s Something About Coconut Oil: Evidence in Baby Acne

The onset of acne is usually puberty because fluctuations in hormones involved in reproductive maturity cause overproduction of sebum. Skin oil is the main cause of acne during puberty, so acne almost always starts to appear during a person's teenage years. If this is the case, why is it that at around three to four weeks of age, a baby breaks out in what appears to be acne? Read More

Of Androgen and Acne: Hormonal Acne Explained

It is fitting that I should write about this subject now as I am sitting here in the midst of that warm unpleasantness that comes right before my period. There's a deep-set throb in my upper thighs and I feel a general drowsiness washing over me. Soon, I'll feel heavy, irritated, and extremely unmotivated. To make matters worse, I'm sporting two new pimples and I am very aware of them. Read More

Becoming of Age: Adult Acne

While teenagers tend to be the #1 target of acne, many adults are suffering from it as well. I decided to make this post specifically for those who are part their teens and are dealing with adult acne. There are specific ways to deal with it and to get rid of it. I've never been afraid of the 'getting-older' side of ageing. I've always looked young and there's suspicion that both sides of my family had some encounter with the Fountain of Youth. I'm physically fit, emotionally stable (relatively, of course), and I believe my mental capacity to be thoroughly useful in its practicality and resourcefulness as well as personally entertaining in its creativity and abstractness. Therefore, I'm not willing to invest time and emotion into the useless trend of ageing-anxiety. Read More