About Me

Hey there, my name is Paula and I am the creator of Acne Removr. The reason I created this site is because I've had acne issues ever since puberty and I could never find a proper resource online that would give me tips, guides and products that'd help me get rid of it or at least reduce it.

Over the years, I've tried literally hundreds of methods, be it home made masks or retail creams, consulted dozens of dermatologists and went through several medically prescribed treatments.

The good news is that after trying so many things, I've figured out what works and what doesn't and this site is there to share just that. Acne Removr is for you if:​

  • You want to learn about lifestyle tips and products that will prevent Acne.
  • Acne already began to appear and you want to reduce and stop it.
  • Acne is developing only on certain parts of your body and you want to learn tactics to get rid of that specific type of acne.
  • You got rid of acne but you still have scars and are looking to get rid of them.

I really hope you will enjoy this site and that it will truly improve the life of its readers. If you have any question regarding any of my post, feel free to drop a comment bellow them, I'll get back to you promptly and try to help you with the experience I have on the topic.

​Meanwhile, I also put together a newsletter where I will share more tips, natural remedies and useful products to either reduce or hide Acne. If that sounds interesting to you, feel free to subscribe bellow:

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